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Yoga Kimé


     Welcome to 

         Yoga Kimé.     

Now offering private sessions,  exclusive workshops,

and occasional outdoor yoga excursions.

Group classes are taught in a progressive format so that they can be open to all levels and walks of life.

Flooring in both training rooms are shock absorbent, providing a safe and  comfortable  training surface that takes the impact off the knees and other joints during  the practice.

This challenging, yet feel-good approach does not seek to change the individual, rather encourages the development of a personal practice that will realign one to his or her natural state of being- wherein complete health becomes a true reality.



Located on the second floor of the old firehouse in historical downtown Hagerstown, our training takes place in the martial arts studio on North Potomac St, with times scheduled around some of the finest martial arts masters in the area.

So, come on out to our studio, downtown at the "dojo" (training hall)

to try something different, enjoy a restorative workout,

establish or deepen your yoga practice, clear the mind, and improve your overall state of well-being. We look forward to guiding you through

your own personal yoga practice- Namaste.

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